Venus’ Featured Products

We are all about a fresh, new look. And for spring, that usually means lighter, more multidimensional hair color! Lumino Contrast Shampoo and Masque becomes the go-to! It targets highlighted hair (which tents to be a little more porous and dehydrated), adding vitamin E and UV filters that ultimately creates a brighter , more reflective finish. Then we come to our 10-in-1 spray! This spray is 10 benefits in 1 and acts as a fantastic detangler, UV filters, as well as adds amazing condoning agents to the hair to help eliminate that “Midwest frizz”.


Also on trend for spring is more organic, unpolished texture. (because let’s face it… by now we are all fantasizing about being on the beach with salt in our hair and the sun on our skin)

ENTER: TecniArt Volume.

Densite in the #1 go-to. It is a thickening primer and creates a great pallet for other styling products. Next is Volume Envy Extra. Breaking this mousse all the way down in your hands and applying is scalp to ends gives the ultimate volume. Last but certainly not least is True Grip. It can really add some great volume and texture to your finished look. Puffing that in either at the root or thru the ends gives the ultimate flyaway texture.

Come check them out! All products are 15% OFF!

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