Women’s Design $48+
Men’s Design $34+
Finish* $35
Formal Styling $70-$85
*Pricing assumes finish only
– Design pricing includes finish


Single Process Color $59+
Foiling $83+
Feature Foils $8+ Per Foil
Balayage Color $95+
Balayage Feature $10+ Per Piece
Power Dose $16+
Glaze $27
Color Correction Based Upon Consultation


Perm/Relaxer $70+
Matthew Robert Keratin Smoothing System $188+


Tape-In, Beaded, or Fusion available. Pricing is based upon consultation.


Bridal Upstyle $100
Formal Upstyle $70-$85
Children (10 & Under) $35
Makeup Application $35
Eyelash Application $15
Blow Dry & Iron $50


Brow $18
Lip $18
Chin $18

Design and Finish

Short hair, long hair, and anything in between – design is in our name and part of our game. All of our designers are trained in Principal-Based Haircutting (you might call us Architects). Your designer will begin with a thorough consultation taking into consideration your face shape, lifestyle, and your wish list. We then design a specific blue-print of our haircut so that regardless of which designer you see in our salon, the end result will be the same every time. We stand behind the cut, without cutting corners.
Once you have the right cut, you need a style to show it off. However, what good is a haircut if you can’t fix it (not that we wouldn’t love to come to your home at 5:00 a.m. to prep you for your workday). We will show you how to use the correct styling tools and apply the prescribed support products to give you a finish all your own.

Hair Color

Whether you are a trend follower, a trend setter, or looking for a complete transformation, our designers will custom blend your haircolor to enhance your skin tone and eye color. Step back into our color lab where L’Oréal Professionnel color is displayed beautifully right out in the open. Here at Matthew Robert Color + Design, we have nothing to hide and everything to show you.


These are not just hi-lights, but a repositioning. Highlights can build visual weight in haircolor, make short tresses look longer, create a slimming effect, or even give you a sun-kissed glow, just by the way they are positioned in the hair. Foiling and haircolor can even bulk up the texture of your hair, giving you just the extra boost you’re looking for.

Feature Foils & Balayage Features

Sometimes a little does a lot. These little “phenomenons” of light, mid-light, or low-lights are strategically placed to bring out your best features.

Color Correction

Fixing Unnatural Disasters

(Breathe.) It’s ok, we’ve all been there. Too dark, too red, too orange, too green. Whatever the case may be, we’ve seen it all. We take it all back to the Principles of Haircolor & Science and treat the cause, not the effect of the process. Sometimes it’s simple, sometimes it’s more involved. There is a right way to fix the wrong color. Together you and your designer will establish realistic goals for your hair and then reverse the curse.

Texture Services


Perms! Ever thought you’d see these again? From “beach waves” to “ringlets,”  “loose waves” to “natural curls,” perms are back to give you volume and body. Or maybe your unruly or unmanageable hair full of frizz and unwanted kink is wearing you down.  Talk to your designer about a relaxing texture service.  Relaxers soften texture and make the hair sleek and shiny.  We will transform your texture to an easier to style, more manageable look.

Matthew Robert Keratin Smoothing System

This specialty relaxing treatment is designed to reshape, restructure, and revive your locks.  The promise: eliminates up to 95% of the frizz and curl while cutting your blow-drying time by 70%.  The Matthew Robert Keratin Smoothing Therapy treatment will transform your hair from dysfunctional, frizzy, and frustrating to silky, smooth, and virtually maintenance-free.  Even in humidity!  Guests have called this treatment a “life-changing experience”.


Always wanted hair full of length and shine (but always get sick of it after reaching that dreaded “middle stage”)?  Do you have the length already but you can see through your ends?  Whether we are adding length or boosting volume, your certified extension specialist can help you achieve your desired look. Extensions can also add a splash of color.  Our designers are able to create all over highlighting without the use of chemicals or even construct a sassy focal point.

Makeup Applications


Glominerals Application

Put the finishing touch on your new look with Glominerals™. This uniquely formulated makeup system goes through a triple milling process and combines pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, natural high-pigment minerals, and the power of antioxidants to offer unsurpassable coverage as well as a broad-spectrum of UV protection and free radical damage prevention. We are proud to offer the complete cruelty-free Glominerals™ line.

Glo & Go

We LOVE Glominerals! So we offer a complimentary makeup touch-up with every service.  Give us five minutes (that’s right, five minutes) and let us take you from drab to fab by touching up any make-up that may have left us during the service. A Glo & Go is also a great opportunity to try new products and recommendations your designer has for you from the line.  See and feel for yourself why we have so much love for Glo!