Featured Look: The Beachy Blonde

How can you achieve perfect sun-kissed beachy blonde hair without the beach? Simple, fake it ’til you make it! We may not have the ocean, but we can still achieve bright color and sea salty texture. Here is everything you need to get the look:


  • L’Oréal Professionnel Lumino Contrast Shampoo and Conditioner
    • The Lumino formula is great for multi-dimensional hair and it will keep your blonde locks bright and hydrated without weighing them down.
  • Vitamino Color A-Ox Color Corrector
    • This color correcting conditioner cancels out any unwanted brassy tones.
  • Beach Waves
    • Texturizing salt water spray that provides a beach hair effect for tousled, textured hair with a matte finish.
  • Lumi Controle
    • Gives definition and control to hair with flexible hold for a glossy, sculpted style.
  • Crepage de Chignon
    • Mineral powder texturizing spray that holds wild beachy styles.
  • Bio Ionic Stylewinder
    • Versatile styling tool that creates sexy waves in seconds.


Step-by-step guide and expert tips from professional hair designer and the queen of “The Beachy Blonde” herself, Venus Gampp.

  1. First things first – COLOR! Using a balayage technique rather than foiling for highlighting will give a softer, sun-kissed look. It gives you natural looking customized dimension, builds in beachy texture, and requires minimal maintenance.
  2. Care and maintenance – keep your color locked in with Lumino shampoo and conditioner, and cancel out any unwanted warmth by swapping your conditioner with Vitamino Color Corrector once a week.
    1. Mist 3 spritzes of Beach Spray on damp hair, scrunch, and diffuse hair.
    2. Define curls if needed with Bio Ionic Stylewinder.
    3. VENUS’S EXPERT TIP: Mix Lumi Controle and Beach Waves in palm of hand and apply to waves for definition and shine.
    4. Last step – for added volume and ultimate texture, spray Crepage de Chignon at root.

And VOILA! Beautiful beachy hair!

Designer, Venus Gampp

Venus Gampp