Fancy Pony

When you work in the salon industry, being up to date and on trend is important. Our guests look to us for advice on the latest fashions, hairstyles and makeup trends. One hot trend, the pony.

Now, this isn’t just a regular ponytail. We have to fancy it up a bit.

Wrapping your pony with a piece of hair so that you can’t see the elastic band is the most popular way to dress it up. Just take a piece of hair and wrap around and place a bobby pin through the ponytail to secure it. If you have fine or slick hair sometimes a bobby pin won’t stay secure all day.

pony4 pony5 pony6
Another option is to bend a hair pin and place it underneath the elastic about halfway. Wrap a piece of hair around your ponytail like usual and then loop it through the back of the pin. Pull the pin thru the elastic and out the other side looping the hair through it and pull to secure.

pony1  pony2  pony3



Adding a fun headband or scarf is a good option to add as well. (It is also a GREAT option for second day hair with leftover curls… shh)

Kelsey and I are happy to share our ponytails.



Happy Pony-ing!

xoxo Victoria