4 Signs It’s Time to Switch Up Your Hairstyle

by Jackie Burns Brisman
It may be time for a change!

Have you been rocking bangs since the second grade? Middle part since junior high? If you’ve been toying with the idea of getting a hair makeover-and you are loyal to your go-to color-we’re sharing four signs it may be time to make a change.

You suddenly feel like every day is a bad hair day.

If your good hair days have become few and far between, it’s time for an upgrade. Your style rut may be a result of a poor haircare routine, the need for a quick trim, or a total overhaul. Make an appointment with your hairdresser to get to the root of the issue and consider booking a conditioning treatment with your cut or trim. Often, the reason our hair takes on a mind of its own is because it’s screaming for hydration.

A ponytail has become your everyday look.

If an updo has become your go-to look,it’s time to break the cycle. Sure, a chic ponytail is a great option sometimes but, when you are constantly pulling your hair up because you just can’t even, book an appointment to try something new. Maybe super-long hair worked for you in high school but now it’s more of a hassle to style each day. Try out a trendy lob cut. You’ll have shorter locks but you won’t lose all that length you love.

You’ve got screenshots upon screenshots of styles you see online.

Hair envy? Put the little green monster to bed and finally get one of those hairstyles you covet. Not sure which of the styles to try? Download L’Oréal Professionnel’s Style My Hair App and try a few on for size. Then, pencil in an appointment!

You haven’t changed your hair in…well…you can’t remember.

Just like certain fashions, hairstyles can go in and out of style. What looked amazing a few years ago, may not be working for you (or your features) now. Make a visit to your salon and talk to your stylist about your lifestyle and bring in a few photos of hair you love. Together you can come up with a new cut that will look amazing on you!